It is so hard to believe that three weeks ago today my baby boy was born!

Things are going really well with us. We’re beginning the packing and preparing to move process (boring)

Oliver is eating.. ALL THE TIME! We’re pretty sure that he is in the middle of a growth spurt because he is eating about two times more than he usually does. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate pumping now! On the bright side, the breast feeding is getting a lot easier.

Ollie is sleeping a lot too. Today he was up at about 8. I was up with him at 1230 and 530 so at 8 I just handed him to Thomas to bottle feed. I was pretty tired. I woke up (finally) at about 1030. Thomas made me pancakes, and they were delicious. Anyway, Ollie was awake from 8 until about 2ish this afternoon. It is now 430 and Ollie is still asleep. Its nice having a quiet afternoon but I really hope that this doesn’t mess up his sleep schedule.

Things have been nice around here. And although I’m going fairly stir crazy, I still don’t want to go back to work in three weeks. I’m afraid to leave my little man alone. Its a good thing that my first week back to work my family will be here to watch him so I won’t have to worry to much. Just a little – haha!

Anywho, the little guy is waking up for his nice little nap so I shall go and feed and change him.