It has now been two weeks since Oliver was born. My plan originally was to post at a week and again at two weeks. But seeing as I missed the one week, I’ll post at the two weeks.

That there is my little man at two weeks old!

He is the cutest little guy ever, I swear!

Anyway, the first two weeks with Oliver have been wonderful! He’s pretty much the perfect baby. He sleeps and eats. (I guess that’s what all babies do huh… lol)

We went into the hospital on May 30 and were discharged on June 1st.  So that’s a total of two and a half days. It wasn’t a long stay, but we were still glad to be discharged.

Isn’t he adorable!

The next morning is when my milk came in (holy engorged suckiness!) When we were in the hospital he breastfed just fine. I was happy, he was happy end of story… Except — when he nursed it basically felt like he was chewing on my nipples. When we were home I realized how bad it actually hurt, especially after a feeding. This is when Dad and I started brain storming ways to make feeding a bit less painful. Our brain storming session resulted in washing the bottles and giving him approx half an ounce of formula just to get through the night (I believe that happened on day 3).

Day two: When they discharged me my blood pressure was running high. They told me that if I was feeling off or had a headache to call the nurse night line. I also had instructions to call my OB on Monday to schedule a blood pressure check appointment. Well, on the second I felt kind of off. I had a headache and when I told Dad this he was very stern in telling me that I needed to call the nurse line. I called and they told me to go to Walgreens to get my blood pressure checked. I did, it was high and I ended up getting readmitted into the hospital.

Well, we got to the hospital and were settled in our room and what not (yippie!) We waited and finally a nurse came in and hooked me up to the monitor. This is when we realized that my pressure was normal… But we still sat there for about three hours just to make sure. Talk about a boring and long day two with our new little man. Finally they sent us home and told me to just take an easy. I had to call my OB the next morning just to check in and see if they wanted me to come back. Well they did, and so we went. Long story short… I am now on blood pressure medicine. I’m pretty sure that its just temporary. But we’ll find out more about that at my six week appointment.

Its a good thing that I have this super cute little face to look at all the time otherwise I would be going insane!

Anyway, the rest of the week was pretty easy, I did end up making dad go out and buy a breast pump so that I could maintain my milk and feed the little guy. But I can’t lie, I really hate pumping.

At his first well baby visit he weighed in at 5lbs and 14oz. That’s the weight that he was discharged out at. So we had instructions to feed him every two hours and wake him after three if he hasn’t eaten. It was a long week — with a very tired mama.

BUT at his second well baby visit (which was 4 days ago) he weighed in at 6lbs 7oz, which is 5 oz more than his birth weight (his birth weight was 6lbs 2oz). Needless to say, mom and dad were proud. He also had his second newborn screen, and my poor little boy screamed. Luckily I got to hold him right after. Calming my little man down when he’s upset is a great feeling, I love snuggling/holding him and feeling his little body relax and calm down. 🙂

After his well baby visit we spent a few hours in town, just kind of driving and sight seeing. We ended our outing with a trip to the lactation consultant. Well… I wasn’t very fond of the lactation consultant, I know that she was just doing her job and she did really help us. At least now I know that its not latch problems that we’re having. He just doesn’t want to stay on long enough for the milk to flow out. Solution? kind of…. all we can do is keep trying. Which we do… It gets frustrating fairly quickly. The way I see it, is we’ll try during the day (with a bottle on stand by) and then at night we’ll bottle feed, just for the sanity of not waking up the rest of the house.

That face, makes me smile! Needless to say, the past two weeks have been wonderful! Including the sleepless nights and the cold meals, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!