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If you’ve talked to me since I’ve had Oliver then you probably know that breast feeding has been a bit of a battle for me.

At our first well baby visit I talked with Oliver’s Pediatrician about the troubles I’ve been having in regards to breast feeding. After he looked Ollie over he noticed that his frenulum (that piece of skin that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) was short. This is also known as being tongue tied because people back in the day thought that it also caused speech problems. I then took Ollie to the ENT where he had that thing cut. It was just a quick little snip and he didn’t even cry! Things seemed to improve, at least feeding doesn’t hurt as bad now as it did before, but we still have our issues..

So, in order to work on our issues, and figure out our problems, we went to a lactation consultant, whom I was not very fond of if I might add, who helped us with latching on and making sure that Ollie was sucking and swallowing. Ollie was doing these things correctly. What the problem was, was that he had to relearn how to latch on now that he had better use of his tongue. When he latched on he would start pushing himself away from me and then latch on again and repeat. Well, this problem was pretty mush solved by our two hours with the lactation consultant. Now we’re just working on him getting enough from me to get full but he doesn’t like waiting for the milk to let down in order to do that. Its very frustrating and at times I feel bad because of it. Like I’m not a good enough mom.

On a happier note, things are starting to improve. We can get at least one good feeding everyday. Hey, one is better than none right? Our solution to our little problem is to just keep trying, which is exactly what we do every day.

Because of our frustrations, I have been at an ends with myself. To the point where I’m not sure if I want to continue breast feeding or not. The one thing that I do keep telling myself is that this is something that I can do that I wanted to do when I found out that I was pregnant. That usually helps and it enables me to get through that pump or to finish the attempt with feeding him at the breast.

While Thomas was at work last night I started looking up words of encouragement for breast feeding moms as well as tips for helping a new mom start breast feeding again after bottle feeding. I got lots of information but I think the most helpful thing that I found tonight was this video (non-toxickids.net breast feeding support) over at the non-toxickids.net blog. The blog is about keeping kids safe and healthy. The link below leads you to a post where she posted a video about breast feeding moms and what they would tell their pre-brestfeeding selves about the journey of breast feeding. I watched it and it helped me realize that making the decision to breast feed Oliver is a good decision, even if I have to pump in order to do so. Now I just have to keep telling myself that its worth it.

Anyway, check out the video and the blog.

source: http://www.non-toxickids.net/2011/07/breastfeeding-support-words-of.html