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We very recently moved to Texas, (been here since February). Texas is great so far and I love my job. But we’re noticing that now that we have a baby, and even though I’m making more money we need to do things to help cut costs. After looking at our budget we decided to try and cut our food budget. But we still want to eat healthy. Well, the obvious first step was to stop eating out. It gets expensive and the food isn’t always that great, nor is it healthy for you and the portion sizes are huge, and because I’m kind of a fatty I always eat all of it… Not that healthy. We’ll probably eat out on an as needed basis for date nights (read: once a month to get away for a bit).

I think its important to explain what we’re looking for in this lifestyle change that we want to make. Everyone has different opinions of healthy.
Being healthy to me is not eating out all the time, but being able to indulge every once in awhile (I love desserts way to much to give them up!). Eating fresh produce with every meal either raw or cooked. No canned foods.
I’ll probably add on to my definition of Healthy as time goes on but for now, that’s really all I got.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of searching online for budget friendly healthy meals that don’t take a gazillion hours to make. It seems that there is a general consensus that making meals in advance is not only great on time but also cheaper and healthier (depending on the meals that your making that is).

So, since the people that we’re living with (until Friday) are out of town until Saturday, we decided that its time to branch out on our own. We’re kinda rusty at the grocery shopping thing seeing as we haven’t done it in a year, but we’ll get better… I hope.

What I did is I planned a simple, almost no work menu for the next two days. We plan on shopping and restocking the pantry on Friday and I didn’t want to transport to much food over to the new place.

So, today I am making our meals for the next 2 days, plus enough food for breakfast through next week Friday.

Our breakfast items purchased:
Cereal (no its not really what I have in mind for healthy but it works in a pinch and it will be nice to have this to snack on throughout the day if need be)
Greek Yogurt and pancakes (I love me some pancakes!)
Breakfast burritos (I’m making 40, that’s 2 each from tomorrow until next Friday. I don’t think that we’ll eat all of them in that time, but they’ll be frozen and something easy to grab on the go if we need them.)
Black Bean Quesadillas (I found this recipe on a blog that I follow. You can find it HERE).
Tuna Salad/Sandwiches
Camping Salad (This is a salad that Thomas’ family used to make on family vacations. He made it for me the first year we were dating and I pretty much loved it. its super simple and will get us through the next two days).
A few random snack things, like fruit sticks and trail mix.

That looks like a lot of food for two days, but Thomas eats, a lot and since I’ve been breast feeding, all I want to do is eat. Not to mention, I can take all of this with us to the new place and we’ll just keep on eating it next week too.

As far as saving money with the above mentioned items, we didn’t to so great. It wasn’t as cheap as I would have liked it, but I think that in time it will even out, especially after we get a fully stocked pantry. But some small steps that we took were the like $8.00 we had in store coupons, the sale items we bought, and getting dried beans instead of canned (not only are they cheaper but they are also better for you. The best way to prepare them is simple too, you can find instructions on how to do that HERE.

To cut down on prep time, I’m making all of the breakfast burritos today. I’m also making the filling for the quesadillas today as well as the tuna salad, camp salad, and tuna sandwich stuff. This way I can focus more on getting things done to help our move run a bit more smoothly.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll update more about this as time goes on and we’re cooking for ourselves again. But I should go and work on those food things now while the baby is sleeping.

Enjoy your 4th of July!!