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So, its been awhile since I’ve updated (my apologies) Its been quite the month though.

For starters, we moved. We no longer live with family, we are officially on our own. J We are beyond excited about being on our own again. We are currently living in a cute little one bedroom apartment with a wonderful view of some trees and building tops. Right now I don’t think that it could get much better.

A big part of being on our own again is getting onto a budget. One of our big goals is to own a beautiful home and become debt free. I think its good that we set this goal for ourselves so early so that we have more time to plan and achieve this goal which will enable us to enjoy our lives that much more when we are debt free. I’ll elaborate more on how we’re cutting costs as time goes on. Right now we’re just trying to establish a budget that is realistic that works for us.

This past week was not only my first week back to work, it was also the week that my family came to visit. I was so excited that most of them were able to come down and meet Ollie while he was still so little. And I can’t wait to go home to see them all again.  They came down to see Ollie but the brought us our furniture and other various boxes that we left up in Michigan. When they got here they immediately started unpacking the car and boxes and trying to put things away. If you know me, I was a little annoyed because I wanted the chance to clean things a bit more before people started putting things in places leaving it for me to find and put where I actually want it later.  (although thinking back on how annoyed this made me I realize that its actually pretty stupid, cause I was really just glad that they were there). My mom specifically spent the better part of the week unpacking, cleaning and organizing my apartment. I still have boxes and totes that I need to unpack and I’m still rearranging things around, but that’s just part of moving across the country I think. They left on Saturday, and I already miss them… A lot!
On the bright side, one of my cousins decided to stay with us until she had to go back to school at the end of August. This means, company for me when Thomas is at work and some free child care until we can actually decide on a sitter that we want to leave our little guy with. (I should probably get re-started on that sitter search… The end of August will be here before I know it!)

My first week back at work wasn’t too bad either.  I left every day at around 3-3:30 so that I could hurry home and be with my little guy. I did a little bit of re-training so I could re-learn my job again and I began taking on more responsibilities. It actually feels good to be back J

We’re still trying to figure out our schedule though. When my family was here I didn’t realize how hard it was to balance home time with work time. Ugh, and when I’m home I feel like I have so much to do from making dinner and getting everything ready for work the next day to cleaning up and making sure the apartment is somewhat put together. It’s not too hard right now cause my cousin can help out with the baby, but what about when she leaves!?!

Anyway, I’ll update again at the end of the week, or at least try too at any rate. I need to get back to some work research and what not.

(I’ll have pictures too!)