Well, Oliver is two months old now.


This is great!

He has started talking and smiling all the time and it melts my heart.

Its also nice because we’re finally starting to get some sort of a schedule down. I work full time, which is a major bummer, and Thomas works full time too. Sadly he’s at work when I’m home and vice versa. It works for now and enables us to provide for our family which is the most important part. Its just a bummer because I don’t get to see him much. Hopefully as we get more settled that will change a little.

Anyway, back to Olivers schedule. Every morning I wake up at about 530am to start the day. If Oliver isn’t awake yet I take the dog out and get coffee started. Oliver won’t sleep past 6 if he slept all night so usually by the time I get back from taking the dog out and making coffee, breakfast and lunch he is ready to eat.

Then I nurse him until he’s done which is usually about 630. I then do the baby hand off to dad so that I can get ready for work. Since Oliver has a full belly and Thomas isn’t really awake yet they usually snuggle and sleep some more.

At about 730 its time for me to run the dog out again and head out for work. (Although I don’t usually leave until about 8) I say my good byes to my little family and as I walk out the door, I start missing them.

After I leave Thomas usually feeds Oliver again. Then he gets story time. Right now they are working on some Jule Verne, I think Around the World in 80 Days is what they are reading right now. As far as I know, Oliver is really enjoying it. After that they do some floor/tummy time. This is usually when Thomas sends me pictures of Oliver so that I’m not missing him quite so much. Then Oliver eats again.

After his mid morning/early afternoon bottle Thomas tries to get Oliver down for a nap. He’s usually pretty cranky at this time and just doesn’t want to sleep. Probably because he misses me too much. 🙂

Usually Thomas puts him in the swing. He’ll babble for a little bit and then fall asleep for a few hours.

At 2 is when Thomas has to get ready for work, so this is about the time the sitter gets here. Oliver has been sleeping until like 4 lately so the sitter has it pretty easy.


I get home from work at about 530/6 at the latest. When I get home I of course have to change my clothes and walk the dog. Then I send the sitter home. This is when Oliver and I get to bond. Sometimes when the sitter is here he’ll drink a bottle and then go to sleep again. So if he’s asleep when I get home, I work on my to do list… Which is still made up of unpacking, organizing and cleaning. When he wakes up I nurse him and we spend the rest of the evening bonding.

We have some tummy/floor time and we read stories which is usually followed by dinner for both of us and snuggles until dad gets home. Oliver is usually asleep by 11p and he’ll sleep until about 6ish now. Which is great for this full time working mom.


How can you not love that little face??