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Burp Cloths… I feel like I never have enough of these things around the house. Instead of going out and buying a ton of burp cloths I made my own so I could have cute ones. And no, that doesn’t mean that I ‘dressed up’ the tri-fold cloth diapers. I bought fabric and made my own.

I feel so budget savvy for doing this. I’m pretty sure that I spent a total of like $5 on the about 30 cloths that I made. (I guess 30 isn’t really a lot now that I think of it…)
I searched online for tutorials doing research, I am still new to this sewing thing.

Those are some of the ones that I made.

Anyway, they were really easy to make. I plan on making some for my friends that are going to be having babies here in the next few months.
No worries, I’ll give them more than just burp cloths.. I’ll even make sure that they’re coordinating!

Anyway, Thats all for now. Hopefully Ill have a new post up soon. I do have a 3 month old now afterall.