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Its hard to believe that 5 months ago, the cutest little boy came into my life. Honestly, I can’t really remember much about life prior to  him being with us.

He spent this last weekend pretty sick. I ended up calling the pediatrician when his temperature got up to 102*. His fever has since dissipated and we have had tons of snuggles, but I still worry.

So, I think that since our little man is now 5 months old, I’ll update my list  of the things that happen when you become a parent.– Some of these points may be repeats– (I started this list at one month, and I’ll probably update it again at 6 months).

-I no longer care what I look like when I go out. As long as its clean and doesn’t smell like baby spit up we’re good.

-Oliver could probably get away with murder with those long eye lashes and pretty blue eyes of his.

-I’ve learned that watching him do something or finally figure something out is such an amazing feeling. Like when he rolled over for the first time. Yeah, I grinned all day, and never stopped talking about it.

-EVERYONE thinks that they have the cutest kid in the world… Although, lets be honest, I really do have the cutest baby in the world.

-Watching him suck on some fruits and veggies is pretty funny. So far I like his reaction to the pineapple and strawberry.

-His giggle pretty much makes everything better.

-Even when he wakes up at 2 in the morning, he’s so cute that its hard to be mad at him for waking me up. But I’m convinced that he just wakes up in the middle of the night like that because its him mom time, and he just wants to say hi.

-Dad will never understand the bond a mom has with her baby. There is something about feeling the little fella move around in there that makes you pretty much never want to leave his side.

-I still don’t have any free time to do anything that I want to get done, including opening up my Etsy shop. (Which I’m really hoping to do by Jan. 1, 2013.)

I think that’s all I have for now. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start a new series, ‘Feed your face Friday’ I’ll do recipes then.
I also plan to start a segment about working out and eating right to bust off some of these extra LBs I’ve been carrying around. No clever names for this yet though. Plus we need more people out there who will talk about their weight loss and the journey that they took to get to where they are today. Be on the look out for that as well.