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I know that ‘Baby Pears’ aren’t what the average adult eats, BUT they are a food that I need to prep for my littlest man.

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately that I needed to make a few changes to my lifestyle. There was a list… Ok, it never really made it to paper, but I kept it safe in my head…  That list included, eating right, staying in shape (read: get in shape), change my food habits for my lifestyle.

All in all, I wanted to get healthier…. What woman doesn’t want to get healthier?!? This is when Thomas and I cut out fast food. We don’t eat out now nearly as much as we used to. Except for when we were driving down to Texas, that was like ‘fast food frenzy’.

Anyway, for the most part I’ve maintained a healthy lifestyle (which is hopefully what most of these posts will be). This is something that I want to share with my babies in hopes that they can avoid things like crash dieting and unhealthy habits.

So, Our first post is Baby Food Pears. I must first mention, that part of our new healthy lifestyle is cutting out as much processed foods as possible. I figure that if I am going to do this for myself, I should do it for my children as well. So that means, no jarred baby food. That stuff is loaded with preservatives so that it doesn’t spoil in the jar. Yuck!

In order to do this on a budget, we started buying extra produce early. Ollie already has some prepared Avocado, Sweet Potato, and Apple Sauce. (Ollie still hasn’t had his first bite of ‘real’ food yet – and we will still start him off with rice cereal to avoid giving him to much to fast– when the time is right of course).

All you need to make Baby Food is a small pot (or medium, depending on how much you want to make), the produce that you are preparing, a potato masher/blender/food processor/food mill/fork. We don’t have any fancy equipment, we like to keep thinks simple here.

First you wash your produce, since Oliver is so little I’m going to peel his pear too.

Then boil the pear (also called poaching) until it is nice and soft [time estimate–more specific directions]

After the pear is nice and soft — mushy– place it in a bowl and mash it up. What I do is mash it with the potato masher first and then go back through it with a fork or spoon just to make sure the chunks are gone.

Then, let the pears cool, and prepare for storage. I freeze my food right now. The easiest way for me to do this is to put the mashed up food in an ice cube tray and freeze overnight

The next day I finagle it out of the tray and put it in a big ziploc freezer bag. I haven’t gone through the process of defrosting the food and giving it to Ollie yet. But I’m sure that it will be fine. I’m excited to give Oliver food for the first time, but he hasn’t shown any interest in food yet. I’ve tried getting him to suck on an apple slice or something and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. I did put a strawberry slice on his high chair tray the other day, he did enjoy squishing that up, but it never made it to his mouth.