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Well… I had big plans for this blog here… Clearly I’m not living up to all my talk…

Yeah, he’s adorable. Such a sleepy baby when we get home from day care. (This makes for a sad mama)

Anyway, both of my boys have been sick. Hubby was fevering on and off for a few days and Oliver just started coughing. awesome… Well, now hubby is starting to feel better (you have no idea how good this is… seeing as he does ALL of the cooking in my house) — So, I’m glad that;s happening. Ollie I’m pretty sure is starting to feel better, his cough sounds terrible and I’m afraid that it might be RSV because that’s been going around the day care. But he’s been sleeping in his own bed again and for most of the night. We’re cheap and don’t want to turn the heat on yet so we have to bundle our little man up at night so he doesn’t catch a chill. Some nights he’s okay and doesn’t wake up cold but other nights he does, that’s usually when I pull him into bed with us.

So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I did. We went over to my family’s house for lunch on Thursday and got some awesome family pics. Ollie was adorable and despite Tom being sick, he looked pretty good too. It was a nice day. I love the holidays because its when the family gets together and eats.. Yeah, I love eating too… NBD.

I have another post coming, hopefully by the end of the day today. I’m also hoping to have one on Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday’s post is already written and scheduled. Enjoy your week all!!