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That sweet little boy is 6 months old! I know I can hardly believe it myself! I swear it was just yesterday that I have birth to this amazing little man of mine.
This marks a big milestone in mine and Oliver’s relationship. 6 months of breast feeding. Although it hasn’t been exclusively breast milk it has been mostly breast milk and I’m very proud of this. We’re halfway to our breast feeding goal of one year.
Some tidbits about Oliver in his 6th month–
Oliver loves peas and carrots. And he won’t eat rice cereal by itself.
He loves to to sing so he with mom. Especially songs that have numbers and finger movements. He likes the sound of the alphabet being said and snuggles.
He likes to read stories with dad and always tries to grab the book.
He enjoys bath time and splashing and chasing his rubber ducky.
He likes to flirt with pretty girls and bat his pretty long eyelashes while all the girls talk about how cute he is.
He has become quite the big boy while sitting up and has this toy that has blocks that he loves to throw around.
He is such a good baby and the last 6 months have been wonderful! Being a mom is the best!

Mom and dad are adjusting to having a 6month old. But they still feel like time is going much to fast. But it’s a fun time and they wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.
Best 6 months ever! Lest start planning that first birthday party!