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Since our budget this year is a little on the tight side, we’ve decided to do a Homemade Christmas. Which is made a lot easier due to Pinterest.

So. On my homemade Christmas list I have:
– 2 Scarfs with lace, and a bags to match
– 3 sets of Alphabet letters and shapes
A footprint plate
– 2 sets of DIY seasonings and rubs

I realize that now my list is rather short… But there are 3 gifts that are not on here because they aren’t homemade. We drew names for Christmas this year and Thomas and I only have to buy for 2 people, plus the kids which there are only three of. Then We’re getting stuff for our parents as well. I’m pretty excited about this Christmas, although a little bummed due to not being able to see the pretty snow in Michigan and spending it with my Michigan Family. At least I have family here in TX.

Whats everyone else making for Christmas this year??