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I have two friends who are expecting to give birth at the end of February and mid-March. Sadly both of these friends live in Michigan and I am unable to be there for them (I just want to touch a preggo belly!!) I’m hoping that by the end of January I’ll be able to send both of these wonderful women big boxes of baby items, all handmade by yours truly. I think I have got my list of wonderful home made items… Now its onto making them…

Item 1: Receiving Blankets
A friend of mine who had a baby shortly after Ollie was born sent us a wonderful receiving blanket that was bigger than the normal ones that you get in the store. Which was perfect for our little guy who still wanted to be swaddled. I’ll be including two of these in the box for both of these ladies. Item 2: Swaddler
Oliver didn’t enjoy the swaddlers so much, but some babies do. I found this awesome tutorial so that I can make a cute, more personalized one. Since both of these girls live in Michigan I think it will be a nice addition to their ‘winter’ collection, It is still pretty chilly up there from March-April/May.
Item 3: Car Seat Cover or this car seat cover/swaddler
This will be perfect for when the sun shines through that back window.
Item 4: Nursing Cover
Very important for breastfeeding mamas that are on the go and need to nurse!
Item 5: Reusable breast pads
Also important to prevent leakage from happening while your out
Item 6: Stuffed Animal
I’m just not sure which ones yet…
this one — or this one— or this one
Item 7: Tag Blanket
Which is good for keeping a little one occupied
Item 8: Burp Cloths
You can never have to many burp clothes!
Item 9: Hospital Survival Kit
For during and after the baby comes
Item 10: Size Labels for the closet
So you know which month goes where and are a bit more successful at organizing the closet and putting your kid in the right sized clothes.
Item 11: And maybe some super cute onsies…
Who knows what will end up in this box!! All I know is that I am super excited for both of my friends, and that maybe I should have started this project way sooner! I’ll update as I start making things to put in these boxes of wonderful!
What are some gifts that you’ve given to son-to-be mamas??