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I love the Holidays! I love the food and the get togethers, and the laughter and the traditions that come from it all.

Since we’re just starting our little family, I want to start some new family traditions that are specific to us. I’ve seen a lot of cool things on Pinterest. I really like the ticket Idea where the kids go crawl into bed and find a ticket and the family drives around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas Music. I also like the idea of doing a hot chocolate bar… We would CLEARLY start it on Christmas Eve, drinking hot chocolate all day for the next two days… BUT we would have different things to add to the Cocoa… Like Cayenne Pepper, or whipped cream, or marshmallows or caramel or baileys/peppermint schnapps (grown ups only of course!) or peppermints… oh, the possibilities!! We’ll obviously have a wonderful Christmas Breakfast, and Christmas snacks all day followed by a yummy Christmas Ham meal…

Growing up we didn’t do a ton leading up to Christmas, and although I want to do something every day in December up until Christmas I know that i probably won’t I also realize that Oliver is still a little young to be able to remember everything that we do this year. We haven’t put our tree up yet, and the only Christmas lights we have are on our tree… I think we’ll be doing that tonight/tomorrow.. I’ll be sure to get picture of Oliver in front of the tree.

I also need to work on those Christmas Cards…. yikes, so much to do and not nearly enough time! Guess I better get started…

What are some of your family traditions??