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I found this super cute idea on Pinterest (of course) and thought gosh that would be so cute to send to Grandma and Grandpa H for Christmas. It took Oliver and I a few hours to actually get it done… the reason for this being because, sticking a 6 months old feet in paint typically ensues in a major mess and a cranky 6month old.

Of course we started the project with setting up our supplies. I sat Oliver on the counter in the bathroom and he couldn’t stop staring at himself. Then it was ‘hey mom, can I eat this’. (Totally worth every minute!)

It took a few tries for me to get the perfect footprint, but we finally got it. Words of advice, keep trying even when it gets frustrating, its a super cute project and the grand parents will love it. Enjoy our project in pictures!


I think it turned out great!! I love it. I need to get a few more plates now so that I can make another one for my parents and one for us. 20121219-150952.jpg

We obviously used red and green paint and a silver plate cause it looked best. 20121219-151023.jpg

After our first attempt… The bathroom was painted red. 20121219-151037.jpg

So was Oliver.20121219-151101.jpg

And my floor.

20121219-151230.jpgFinally I got some prints that I could live with, even if they were a little blurry.20121219-151146.jpg

Ollie was not in a good mood at this point. He made it very clear that it was time for a bath. And yes, that onsie is now stained with red paint.20121219-151204.jpg

Luckily my bathroom isn’t.


I used a qtip to dot his toes red instead of trying to paint his feet red and green at the same time… And yes, I realize that Mistletoe actually has red more in the heel area, but its still cute and not worth painting my bathroom for. 20121219-151305.jpg

20121219-151330.jpgAfter is bath, he was a happy camper again! We spent the rest of the evening making Christmas cards. And yes, his grandparents loved their plate!