I can’t believe that my little man is 7 months old already!!

He’s grown so much so far, I keep telling him to stop growing but he just doesn’t listen!


Oliver loves bathtime. He’s started doing this thing where he goes over to the side of the tub and grabs onto it and then tries to pull himself up… Silly baby. Every time he does it my heart skips a beat — what if he hurts himself!!

Whenever Thomas walks into the room and Oliver sees him he smiles, it melts my heart every time. Once Thomas has Oliver in his arms Oliver wants to come back to me — this makes me really happy every time.

His littler personality has changed and developed so much, that I can’t wait to see the toddler he is going to become.

Today Oliver and I went to lunch with my Aunt and Uncle. They have a beautiful one year old daughter. While we were waiting to be seated, their daughter tried to take Ollie’s bink, her mom showed her her own bink and she took it and then offered it to Oliver. It was super cute!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I sure did! New Years is coming… Any big plans? We’ll be spending time with the baby (and wine and beer).