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2012 was quite the year for me.
I had a baby, who is adorable and pretty much the love of my life.
I married my best friend, and I am so grateful to have done so.
I moved across the country! And started my first BIG KID JOB!
I made some amazing new friends.
I am s.l.o.w.l.y getting over my fear of bugs
I lived without cable for the better part of the year (and still am!)
Thats not to say that I don’t sit around watching countless hours of silly television shows on Netflix. Right now, I’m watching One Tree Hill. I’m so glad I’m not in High School.

20130101-161523.jpgWe’re cute! I love when he lets me love on him.

Anyway… Onto the Nitty Gritty. I don’t really like the term New Years “Resolution” So I think this year, I’ll stick with New Years Wishes.
2012 was a big year for my family. This year, 2013, I would like to have a quiet year. No big changes, only a minor move, no babies and maybe starting on the trail of a Masters Degree (for me) and a Computer Information Systems Degree (for Thomas).  So, the wishes that I have for the year are as follows –

-A fitness challenge every month
-Both of us going back to school in the fall
-Oliver having a wonderful first birthday
-Succeeding at work
-Keeping my family happy
-Enjoy every minute of being a mom
-Open up Bitty Bees

Thats it! I just want a simple year, the big things can wait until 2014.

Happy New Year All!!