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I’m I made a super pretty Scarf as one of the gifts that I gave this year. Actually I made two. One for my brothers girlfriend and one for my aunt. My Aunt loved it. I don’t think my brothers girlfriend got hers yet.. Its entirely possible that its still sitting at my moms house — waiting.
Anyway, the pictures in the tutorial are for the pink infinity scarf that I made for my Aunt. I of course, was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. I also made a green scarf that had lace on the ends, kind of like tips. I’ll add pictures of that when I make another one.
Anyway, here’s the tutorial. If you like the scarf, but you don’t want to make one yourself, email me (babybeesnme@gmail.com) and I will do a special order for you in my Etsy shop. (Which should be open this weekend!!)

First I got my fabric out. Of course I prewashed it and everything.

I pinned the lace to the end of the sheer pink fabric20130101-161756.jpg

And I stitched the two pieces of fabric together. And repeat on the other side. 20130101-161820.jpg


Such a pretty long scarf. 20130101-161930.jpg

Then I folded the raw edges in because I can’t cut a straight line, and If I didn’t do this, the fabric would fray and not look very pretty. 20130101-161955.jpg

Gotta go slow so that it actually does turn out nice.


I’m pretty happy with the finished product. Its long enough to wrap it twice and still have quite a bit of room. Its awesome. Can’t lie. There are a few changes that I intend to make to it the next time I make one, but thats for another day.
If you like this item feel free to email me and I will make one for special order just for you. babybeesnme@gmail.com