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Ok, so, mommy-hood has been crazy lately.


I think he got hungry, or thirsty. I’m pretty sure that I have a future chef in the making.

After the holidays (yes I realize I still owe you a Christmas unwrapped post)  It was time for mass clean-up-the-apartment-before-the-inlaws-get-here yep… I’m pretty sure that the apartment wasn’t that clean when they got here…. and hasn’t been clean since. Ohwell!

Anyway, I did lots of cleaning, the Inlaws got here, we spent the few days during the week that they were here just chatting. Thomas took them to the BIG Whole Foods Store (it seriously is a tourist attraction). We got some yummy food, I ate pork belly for the first time, which is like a slab of fat, in a marinade, and it turns out that its actually pretty yummy. So, that Friday, I left work early, I got some super yummy cookies, we went out to dinner for some yummy mexican food. Oliver of course had to have a mini-melt down at the restaurant after we waited for about 45 minutes to get seated. Anyway…. After dinner that night, we went for a walk at a pretty cool outdoor mall… Complete with a Sperry Topsider store.

Aren’t these the CUTEST baby Sperry’s ever!! You should see Oliver in them. Super cute.
On Saturday we went to the Outlets! I got Olliethe CUTEST zip up…. he can’t wear it until he’s 4 but, its still cute!!
Ollie got tons of new clothes, and I had a pretty nice time. And Ollie was on his best behavior for the majority of the day. On Sunday we laid low. We went to a farmers market, Thomas made the pork belly, oh and we got an espresso machine. AND super pretty mugs from World Market… pretty much in love. 25967_10101223640910722_1104427980_n

The Inlaws left on Monday morning. We had a few days of rest and now my grandparents are here, just for the weekend. Then they are going back to my Aunt and Uncles for the rest of their visit. I love having my grandparents here. Its nice to have them visit.

After they leave, it is full fledge clean the apartment, make tons of Bitty Bees stock, and catch up on these blog posts that I’m forever behind on….