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My child is 8 months old!! 8 months ago I was HUGE with this adorable little man in my belly!!


He is super cute, and yes, I am biased.

So, a few milestones to report on….
– Ollie is a SUPER crawler! He crawled on his knees for like 2 days, and then he was crawling on his feet (toes really), he goes so fast!


THEN the next day, he had a tooth!! It was through the gum and everything! INSANE!! Then…. About another 2 days later, he had ANOTHER tooth! So, now there are 2 teeth, through the gums. We were lucky, teething wasn’t so bad. He was a bit fussy and we used Oragel on his gums and tylenol when it got really bad. We had a few rough nights where the little man didn’t want to sleep and mom and dad were not happy campers, but we survived. Now he is working on a third tooth. (YIKES)20130205-082358.jpg

Ollie still won’t feed himself, so we’re still spoon feeding. He doesn’t actually put much of anything into his mouth other than his hands right now. And he has no interest in the puffs, other than the fact that he likes to get them stuck onto his hands which is actually really funny.

We’re still breast feeding and co-sleeping. And although the co-sleeping kind of sucks sometimes, its worth it to wake up next to him, even if he’s still sleeping. Or if he wakes up first and to listen to him cooing and talking. I’ve decided that co-sleeping is my way of loving on my baby and making up for the being at work all the time thing.

We have also learned that if we want to put him down in his crib, that we like to put him down when he’s not crying. This usually results in lots of pacing, bouncing, rocking etc etc… but when he goes down its down for the night. Without crying. I know that my son knows he’s loved. And thats what matters to me.




Thats Oliver with his Great Grandpa. We call him Bopi.