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This is hands down the best way to make popcorn!

We buy the bags of kernels and pop the corn on our stove top. It takes like 6 minutes and its so good! Plus you can flavor it yourself.

The directions on the bag say to add the kernels to cold oil, we kind of mixed up the kernels in the oil so they were well coated. 20130214-085413.jpg


Stir constantly until it starts to pop.


Then cover the pot so popcorn doesn’t fly all over the place. 20130214-085545.jpg

To keep it from burning you need to shake the pot without taking it off of the burner. It loud, but worth it.


Just keep shaking it until you hear no more pops, or until you smell burning popcorn.

I added butter and some salt to this one because that’s what sounded good.
Hope you enjoy your popcorn!