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Its Valentines Day. Today I decided that I wanted to bring my lovely co-workers valentines yummies…. This is not on the diet plan.20130214-085358.jpg

My aunt made this at Christmas time and I pretty much loved every single bit of it! I knew that this is what I wanted to make for Valentines.
White Chocolate Popcorn
equal parts of Popcorn, Fritos, and Kix
White Chocolate-Melted

We buy the bags of organic popcorn kernels and pop it on the stove. It takes the same amount of time, and its better for your health and your wallet.  You can do microwave or stove top popcorn. I used stove top and you can read more about that here


Simply melt the chocolate in a pan or however you like to melt your chocolate and then combine it with the rest of the ingredients. (I sprayed a paper bag with some Olive Oil pan spray and mixed everything up in there.)

To make it festive, I added Pomegranate juice to the white chocolate which made it pink.20130214-085654.jpg

This was trial and error, it took a few tries. We even tried beet juice. We wanted to keep it as natural as possible. The pomegranate juice yielded the best pink color.



Crunch up your fritos (or guiltless corn chips) into bite size pieces, the same amount of corn chips as popcorn.


Then add your kix, the same amount as your popcorn and fritos.


Don’t forget to add the salt! It doesn’t have the same effect without the salt.

Viola! cute little baggies of white chocolate popcorn. Perfect for that salty/sweet need, and pretty pink for Valentines day! 20130225-104333.jpg



Oliver even helped clean up afterwards. Win-win for mom. Hey gotta train ’em early right??