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1. I am TERRIFIED of bugs. I hate them. And because I hate them so much, I can spot them from a mile away… No seriously – just ask my husband. And yes, I am so living in the wrong state for bugs… The ground doesn’t freeze like ever in Texas so I swear the bugs just get BIGGER

1.5 — In addition to the above — I have ridiculous friends on facebook, (sorry if your one of them, no offense intended). But they love to post these pictures that I am well aware are photo shopped of REALLY BIG BUGS! mostly spiders. IO have to scroll really fast so that I can’t really see the picture because it seriously gives me the creeps.

I’m getting the creeps just writing this!

2. I have a really hard time spending money on myself. Case in point…. This past weekend, Thomas and I went shopping at the Outlets about an hour from where we live. It was fun and our intention was to buy both of us clothes because, well we need clothes. Anyway, We weren’t planning on buying Ollie clothes cause he’s a baby and we get care packages every few months from family with just clothes for Ollie. (ok, we did buy him a nice coat for next winter) Thomas was browsing… A LOT and didn’t get anything except for a few pairs of boxers that I picked out. When I realized that he wasn’t getting well…. ANYTHING I was like, Oh I don’t need these things! And tried pretty hard not to let him spend money on me. Well… He wouldn’t let me leave without buying the new clothes that I really needed and although it wasn’t that fun for me (Hello huge booty) It was pretty nice to have my super handsome husband fork over the money at each register while we were shopping.

3. I LOVE food!! I know who doesn’t right!? But I’m very VERY picky about what I eat. I can’t eat meat unless it is burnt. Absolutely NO PINK. I can’t eat the fatty parts (SICK) and if it looks funny, its not going in my mouth. And, once I go to a restaurant, I order the same thing every time. Its a good thing that I have two boys that will eat just about anything at this point. Right now I’m in love with leftover cold pancakes with peanut butter and jelly (SO GOOD!!)20130304-102224.jpg

4. I have these little fears… It changes pretty much daily. And it almost always has to do with bugs or something slimy or something in my food. Recently I was afraid that there was a tarantula under the baby crib. I told Thomas this and he goes ‘oh that’s not likely’ (relief) It’s more likely that there’s a scorpion under there (Insert new fear of scorpions crawling on my baby. I tell him this and all he does is laugh. Such a sweet husband I have.

5. I tell rediculous jokes. I think I’m hilarious, but other people don’t laugh. And if they do laugh, they are probably just laughing at me because I think I’m so funny. I swear though, I really am funny.

6. I’m a budget freak! I have a planner that I bought for work, but it has since turned into my budget planner. Its got due dates and estimates for the account and everything, down to the penny. However, this has not made me spend money very wise. I am also learning that if I want to eat the way that I want to eat, that I need to budget more money for food… Who would have thought….

6.5 In addition to the above. I hate food waste. We haven’t thrown any food out in awhile. But I know that there is a bowl of cantaloupe in the fridge that I think I have to get rid of due to being bad… Terrible I know.. Maybe if I just cut off the bad spots….

7. I am a clean freak. I am useless when the apartment is dirty because that’s all I think about. Then I get to cleaning and the next thing I know, 4 hours passed, where the apartment is spotless, I’m still worthless the rest of the day…. Ugh, its a vicious cycle.

Have a Happy Monday folks!