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Oliver is 9 months old! Where has the time gone! I don’t even understand this.
February has been quite the month for us over here. We have made a few some-what family altering decisions such as, I don’t want to go back to school and Thomas does. Thomas has applied to a community college so that he can get back into the school mindset. We’re pretty exited. He will hopefully be starting classes in the fall. We’ve made a few other decisions as well, but those will have to wait before they get shared. 🙂

Anyway, this past month Oliver has decided that he loves to help. If you are unloading the dishwasher he is right there pulling the silverware out (clean or dirty, he doesn’t care) If your putting the groceries away, he is right there playing with everything on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Its actually pretty cute. He also likes to help feed, and water the dog.

Oliver has also started eating more solids. We don’t puree his food as much as we used to. (if at all) He has now had bananas cut up, avocado right out of the peel, some pancake (sans syrup) and peanut butter and jelly ‘sandwiches’. We give him other things that we’re eating too, like broccoli, cauliflower, tortilla chips but he doesn’t really eat those, he likes to crush them and the dog eats the crumbs. He sucks on them and tries to chew but it doesn’t work out so well. Oliver also has two teeth (I think I mentioned this last time) and we’re pretty sure that he has three top teeth coming in on top.
This little boy sure is growing.
Oliver also had surgery this past month. He had a hernia so we took him in bright and early on a Wednesday morning to get that repaired. Luckily everything went very well with that. No complications and he seems to be healing really well. I can’t lie, I really enjoyed the mom snuggles afterwords. When I finally got him back in my arms, he slept. He slept all day, and all night until 8am the next morning. I thought that this meant that he would be on an awesome sleep schedule… NO! He was awake all day, except for a short nap in the middle of the day, for 4 days. Then, like clockwork he had the biggest temper tantrum at around 430/5pm. This would last for about a half hour. Then he would pass out. And then be awake for about 3hours… Without going to sleep until almost 1am… It was a rough week. His sleeping is getting better.

Sleep training…. Oh sleep training…. Yeah, I think its safe to say that this is essentially on hold for the time being. No big deal! We’ll get there. I have a few ideas. We don’t like the cry it out method, and we have to sleep train in such a way that it also gets him out of our bed. I think I have quite the task ahead of me.

Oh well, Ollie’s 9 months. He’s adorable, and so big and so smart… I just need him to stop growing for like a minute so that I can soak in all that I can.


Ollie’s first St. Patricks Day!