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Around Christmas Time I made a plate for Oliver’s grandparents. I loved the result, and so did they. I have decided that I want to do one for all the major holidays. Here is our Easter plate. (This one mom and dad get to keep). At any rate, here are some pictures from our lovely day of crafting.

I used a green charger plate, and blue paint, made the best contrast and were really nice Easter colors.


I stuck his little adorable foot into the paint and then stuck it on the plate. (we also made Cards for the grandparents in Michigan which we sent to them with some adorable pictures of Oliver.

20130407-065504.jpg 20130407-065752.jpg


Anyway, I stuck his foot onto the plate. I had to do this process several times so that I got the desired print. It did take a minute. But the memories that I made with this little man, were priceless.


He ended up getting paint all over the sink, the wall and the mirror. Good thing its water based and I got most of it off. Haha!


Such a cute little foot.


I think doing the three bunnies took about 3 hours. Ollie fell asleep after I got all six of the foot prints so I was able to clean up and get the bunny head onto the plate.


I think it turned out pretty cute. The next one that he does will be the 4th of July. I’m excited about that one too.

I hope everyone had a Great Easter!!