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I actually wrote this post before Easter… Its only just now getting published because I needed to get pictures… Which I got today. Better late than never though right?? 


In Texas, they don’t have a 10cent bottle return for recyclables like they do in Michigan. I will admit, that this has caused a great problem with how much space I have to store bottles, my love of wine, the husbands love of beer and the lack of recycling.
My outdoor storage is full of glass bottles.

[This was after the purge of glass bottles. I’m only able to keep this many from now on… per the husband.]

Any who…
Before Easter I decided that I wanted to make some cute Easter decorations. I was going to make those Easter eggs with yarn and a balloon. (kinda like paper mache) But I didn’t get the right supplies so it didn’t work. I ended up using four of my glass bottles and wrapping them in yarn. Easter colors of course.

It was a long process, getting it all done. I started by just wrapping the yarn around the bottle, but decided that I didn’t really like that, so I finger crocheted it and wrapped that around the bottle. Much prettier.20130407-070227.jpg

I then spent a long time wrapping and hot gluing the yarn onto the bottle. I took two of my bottles and I painted the inside of them (pour paint in bottle and move around until inside of bottle is covered)

20130407-070343.jpg 20130407-070239.jpg

I learned the hard way that it takes a long time for that paint inside the bottle to dry. I left one of the bottles within Oliver’s reach and now have blue paint all over my carpet.
I’ll update later on how I ended up getting the paint out of my carpet.


I’m pretty happy with how my Mantle Decorations turned out. I hope that I can add to my collection of decorations, and that I can figure out something to do with all those bottles that I’m kind of secretly in love with…. haha.

but seriously….