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I saw this post (twice) on the 4mothers Blog

I thought, ‘thats an interesting topic’ and decided to join in.

10. Going out, I didn’t go out a ton before I had Oliver, but I do miss going out at times. Just getting out of the house, going to a bar and dancing all night long!

9. Getting up, and getting places ‘on time’. But let’s be real, even when it was just me, I never showed up on time.

8. Watching TV/movies without the subtitles. I try not to watch a ton of TV while he’s awake because I want to spend time with my littlest man. But even when he’s sleeping, I still watch with the subtitles because I don’t want to wake him up!

7. Privacy. If its just Oliver and I at home, I go to the bathroom with the door open, shower with the door open, change with him right there on the floor and so on. I could toss him in the crib to do these things, and when I shower thats usually what I end up doing if Thomas isn’t home, but sometimes letting him play on the floor is just as good, and usually means less screaming.

6. Grown up time. I miss everything about grown up time. Talking about not baby stuff, date night, date night in, grown up dinners, dinners out, happy endings… and just about everything….. Oh yeah, you know what I mean.

5. Feeling pretty. Since having Oliver I’ve felt a little less then pretty. Although Thomas makes sure to tell me that I am just about every chance that he gets. That helps, but what I need is a tummy tuck and a nice complexion.

4. Lazy weekends. It seems like now I’m trying to get a million things done each weekend… And most of the time I don’t even get half of my list done!

3. Having a clean house. I like to think that I’m a pretty clean person. Now I feel like I’m always cleaning up toys, washing cloth diapers, washing dirty clothes, picking up dirty clothes or cleaning up one little mess or another. Its a never ending cycle. I think I’ve just about given up.

2. Silence. I miss the quite sometimes…. I think that this goes almost hand in hand with the subtitles.

1. Money. I never had much of that green paper to begin with. But shortly after I got pregnant I got my first ‘big kid job’ and I thought awesome I might have some extra green which will help tons since I have to pay back those student loans…. Boy was I WRONG! Between the extra expense in health insurance, child care and buying all that baby stuff, I have no extra money for mommy.

When its all said and done, not one of these things makes me not want to have more kids. I can’t wait to have more babies, and I love my little guy more than anything and I wouldn’t change that for the world. What do you miss about life before babies??