I know that times have been kind of hard lately. Your surprise sweet 16 birthday wasn’t actually a surprise and you ended up spending the better part of the night on the outside looking in at the party. The first day of Sophomore year wasn’t easy either. Freshman year was so much easier, even though you were at the bottom of the totem pole a year ago, you found it relatively easy to fit in. But your best friend started running track and made a new group of friends. They have all their little inside jokes and she doesn’t really hang out with you anymore because she is always busy doing track stuff. I guess you could say that it feels like your birthday party was more of a going away party to your friendship.

You started eating lunch alone, or just didn’t eat at all. You spent a lot of time reading in the hallway, at least you were broadening your horizons with stories of love, companionship and wizardry.

Then someone from your past walked up to you. She invited you to eat lunch with her and her friends. To you it almost seemed like someone had turned a light on and said, hey, there are other people out there for you to be friends with!! I was grateful for her kindness even though I wasn’t kind to her in the past. But from this day on, you won’t eat lunch alone again. (Eating at your desk at work doesn’t count).

The rest of your sophomore year will be a big blur. It will go pretty fast, your heart will get broken you’ll do some experimenting with alcohol and wake up the next morning wishing you hadn’t but its something to experience and not something to shy away from.  Also, its important to remember that no one meets the love of their life their sophomore year of high school, and those that do are just extremely lucky. You will find that boy who will make you blush when your in college. Until then, hang tight and know that he is coming.

Also, I know that one of your friends wants to transfer to a bigger school, and you will follow her there. But keep in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that a big school does not mean that its a better school. You’ll look back on that experience and realize that it was actually a poor decision for you. Sometimes we just need to learn the hard way.

I’ll send another letter when you get to college.

Me at 25


I was not intending for all of that to come out. But I guess looking back on it, 16 wasn’t so sweet. It happens I guess.