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Oliver had a very exciting Month.
April for us was kind of a family month. Thomas took a long weekend and we spent that time wondering around Austin. I wish I would have snagged some more pics but I was far to busy loving on my little man.

llie Ready to walk the dog

Oliver developed a cough in the first week of April and I didn’t think anything of it because it was just a cough and he was still acting like himself and wasn’t fevering.

A few days pass, we make it through a week and that cough is still there! That’s when it happens… His breathing sounds hard and he’s wheezing a little. I could tell that he was working to breathe… And cue fever! That morning I called into work and Thomas and I took him to the pediatricians office. He got a breathing treatment that didn’t really work and we were told that we would need to take our little guy to the Emergency room. YIKES! Oliver and Mommy both had their first ambulance ride.

He was such a trooper the entire time. He just sat there and looked out the window, but because of his breathing, he didn’t say much. We got to the emergency room and the sucked out his nose and showed us how to do it at home. Then they sent us on our way.

We kept Ollie out of school for the week and Thomas and I did a lot of schedule rearranging. We wanted to make sure that he was at 100% for our fun weekend.

Once Oliver was feeling more like himself, he decided to show us a few of his new tricks. Like, only falling asleep in the carrier and not wanting to nap for longer than 40 minutes. He also has figured out this standing up thing. We’re pretty sure that he’ll be walking in no time.


He loves getting stories read to him now too. If you read to him he’ll sit there and ‘listen’ for about 10 minutes before he tries to take the book away from you.


He’s still growing and learning, I can’t believe that the next post will be at a year! He’ll be so much bigger!! I find it hard to fathom that this little boy is going to be a year old.