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Today I am Linking up and sharing my ‘Most Memorable Birthday’ story.

I guess the one that sticks out most in my mind is my 21st birthday. My then boyfriend (who is now my husband) had to work on my birthday. I was super bummed and hadn’t planned on doing anything because why would I want the first time I go to a bar to get drunk to be without him? Well, he talked with my best friend who then forced me to get myself all gussied up and ready to go out. We went out and actually had a lot of fun, even though it was just the two of us.


We went to this bar in Kalamazoo called “Wild Bull” you better believe that there was a mechanical bull there. Sadly, this trip to Wild Bull was not the time that I got on that thing. It was a few months later at a different party.


My friend ended up buying all my drinks that night, she said that ‘Birthday Girls don’t buy their own drinks”. I love her for that. So, my first drink was a sex on the beach, it was good but I wasn’t feeling anything yet.


So we followed that up with a Washington Apple Shot.


I have started feeling it by this point and I begin to dance my little heart out. 20130514-100802.jpg

We were then approached by some guy, who began dancing with us. We even took a picture with him.

Then we were approached by another guy. He goes “hey why did you take a picture with him, he’s ugly, take a picture with me”. So we did.

After a few songs, we needs more alcohol, so we got another shot. But I don’t remember what this one was called. Then we got another drink, which was lovingly called an ‘Adios Mother fu****’

This is the drink that did me in. I danced until 2 am. With a short break in the middle somewhere. We sat down for a minute to rest our sore feet. We sat next to this lady who was also very intoxicated. The one thing I remember about her, is the name of the album on facebook. “I’m gonna kick your ass, as soon as I finish my drink”.
The blonde chick in the background, she is the one who named our photo album.

A mutual friend of ours, who wasn’t 21, did the driving. She picked us up at about 2:30ish. I was standing on the sidewalk eyeing this police office and started worrying about getting a public intox. Anway, she came and drove us back while we kept talking about how bad we had to pee. We stopped at my apartment first. Thomas was already home and my friend who drove had to basically carry me up the stairs. I got to the door, laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. I was trying to open the door when Thomas finally unlocked it. I ran to the bathroom and then proceeded to pee with the door open while I heard my other friend on the street running around the car screaming about how she also had to pee.

After I had finished my business in the bathroom, I came out and proceeded to eat Goldfish off the floor. I layed down on the floor, had Thomas hand me the box of Goldfish, I dumped them out and picked them up with my tongue. Classy right? Then I decided I wanted soup. Thomas made me soup after realizing that I was far to drunk to use the stove. I sat on the couch and every time the spoon hit the bowl I would say ‘Shh, Thomas is sleeping’ I can still hear him laughing at me because of that.

I finally crashed at about 4am. I was politely awoken by my Uncle at about 7am asking me how my night was. The night was great, the hang over was a little rough but I clearly survived.

20130514-100926.jpgIt was a good birthday.