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Teacher Appreciation Week.
This was my first teacher appreciation week. Yes, when your child is an infant and you call ‘daycare’ school you have a teacher appreciation week. I was actually really impressed. I still feel a little guilty for not fully participating in the entire week but I did what I could.
So, our school did something each day for the teachers. On Monday they got flowers. I picked up a bunch of sun flowers because they were by far the prettiest.

Tuesday was Candy. I picked up some yummy organic chocolate from Whole Foods, plus it was on sale.

Wednesday was gift cards. I got our teachers a $15 gift card to whole foods. I think what they ended up doing was doing a drawing for the gift cards throughout the day. Which was pretty cool.

Thursday and Friday they did food. I think they got Breakfast Tacos, pizza and Tiffs Treats (cookies) between those two days. I think the volunteer committee did an awesome job!

Friday we also did a gift for the teachers. This was a bit more personalized, from the students. Ollie is only 11 months old so it was more personalized from me… haha. Anyway, I made them these cute little bottles with bath salts in them. They were so pretty, that I may just have to make myself one.

Friday was also Oliver’s parent teacher conference. We talked about Oliver’s develpment. All in all he is developing very well. But you can read more about that in Ollie’s 11 month post.

Teacher Appreciation: Bath Salt Jars

I used Kombuchta jars, because they had a nice shape and weren’t too big or too small.


First I had to take the labels off. It wasn’t to hard. I used my nails to scrape it off for the most part. The soupy warm water made that part easier.


After the labels were removed and the outsides weren’t sticky anymore, I started to wrap the jar in my thick hemp. It looked nicer than the thinner stuff. I used Hot Glue to get the hemp to stay put and only glued every few rounds. 20130513-203134.jpg

I wanted them to be a little more cute than what they were so I added some Pink Ric Rac that I had sitting on my sewing table.


Then I added cute little labels in yellow and orange.


I didn’t get a picture of the final product, complete with bath salts, but they looked really nice. And Ollie’s teachers really liked them too. It was a fun project and I can’t wait for more fun crafty projects for teacher appreciation week.