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So, this is actually something that we did a long time ago… Like end of August/September-ish. And yes, I am just now getting around to posting pictures.
I am not going to post the recipie because it is not mine and sadly I do not have the website that I got it off of. But it was an easy project and much fun was had by all. Fresh peaches are the best!


I started with 2 pounds of fresh Peaches from a local farm. They were delicious!!


I then peeled and diced up the peaches and tossed them into the pot to let them boil or cook or whatever to make them soft.20131210-231816.jpg20131210-231915.jpg


After I had the peaches all soft and cooked I tossed them in my cheapo blender to blend it nice and smooth! 20131210-231948.jpgWhich then yeilded a delicios and smooth peach jam. I ended up putting half of this into the freezer. I’ll let you know how that worked out whenever we pull it out (read, find it).

While I was working on the jam, Thomas made this peach salsa. Which means that his turned out far better than mine did. It was so yummy and fresh tasting!


Ollie was a big fan of the jelly!! 20131210-231756.jpg

He is in fact, the hardest critic.