Oliver’s Birth Story

On May 30, 2012 Thomas and I went to our regularly scheduled 38 week appointment.

The appointment started out as it normally did. My blood pressure was pretty high so they had me lay down for a few minutes to see if it would go down at all. They checked again and it hadn’t changed. The nurse went and got the doctor who then asked how I would feel about having a baby today. I looked a Thomas who looked back at me. The looks on our faces said it all… We were excited yet nervous, we knew that the day would come but we weren’t expecting it to be today.

We made the decision to have the baby today. I kind of figured that if I didn’t that I would probably end up on bed rest anyway. The way I saw it is if I was going to be home at all that day I might as well be home with a new baby.

We made our way to the labor and delivery floor where we prepared for the birth of our little man. The OB broke my water and I started pitocin.  Having my water broken was the most disgusting thing I have ever felt and I’m so glad that it happened in the hospital as opposed to at home or work or something.

(Photo: 10am, we’re ready to have a baby!)

The contractions started and boy did they hurt. At this point I was determined that I would not have an epidural. I wanted this to be done as natural as possible. My labor pain was mostly in my back and every time a contraction came I couldn’t help but scream in pain. I can only imagine the look on Thomas’ face as he watched me in pain when there was nothing he could do. I finally broke down and told Thomas that I couldn’t do it anymore and that we should just go home. Although that statement got me nowhere near home it did result in a conversation about getting an epidural.

We had discussed the delivery before and we knew that we wanted it to be natural. But because of the amount of pain I was in and the fact that I couldn’t (wouldn’t?) breathe through my contractions the decision was made that I would get an epidural.

The nurse came in and then asked if there was anything else that she could get for me. I sobbed as I asked for an epidural. I’m not sure if this was because of the pain or if this was because I failed at doing something I really wanted to do.

When the epidural kicked in I was able to get a little bit of sleep in between contractions. I had a button I could push if the pain got really bad, but I was still able to feel some of the pain from the contractions.

As the contractions got closer, my blood pressure continued to rise and our little guy did not like the pitocin. We had a few stretches of turning the pitocin off so that Ollie could get a break and my blood pressure could drop slightly. This is when the words c-section started getting thrown around (no worries though, it was only really brought up once). I didn’t want to have a c-section if I didn’t need to and I knew that if Ollie’s heart rate dropped too far that it was a possibility for me. But we kept trying and finally I heard those beautiful screams of my little boy.  We welcomed our little man into the world on May 30, 2012.

Thomas got to cut the umbilical cord and I was able to hold him right after he came out. It was the most amazing experience ever. Its like I fell in love for the first time with someone who loves me just as much. He was then whisked away to get cleaned up and to get checked everything out.

Oliver came into this world at 6lbs 2oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

He currently has very dark blue eyes that look a little green in some lighting.

He smiles in his sleep and is exploring his environment.

He is very loved.

(Photo: Oliver Heins, 5/30/12 6lbs 2oz 19 1/2inches — mommy’s little man)


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