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Ok…. TIU — Tone It Up you can check it out at http://www.toneitup.com

I bought a nutrition plan. I don’t want to say nutrition plan because I want it to be a life style change.

I joined the plan in October and since then I have lost 4lbs, but I haven’t been keeping adequate track of my inches so I can’t comment on that. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and working out and I hope that some day I have enough will power to not eat everything in sight like I really want to. I’m confident that I will get there one day, in the mean time, I will document my progress, mostly on instagram I’m sure. You can follow me there if you would like, jessiheins_tiu

Anywho…. it is time to peace out. Sleep is good for the body, be on the lookout for updates on this and hopefully so much more!!