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I am amazed at how much fast time has gone. Insane!! 

Whats new?? 

Not much actually, I still work at a coffee shop, although it is a different shop, the coffee is still YUMMY!! 

Oliver is 18months old!! Its crazy right!?! He is so big and he amazes me all the time with how smart he is. He can say mama, dada, daddy, hi, bye, nigh nigh, and a few words that sound like apple and ollie. He has been babbling a lot more with a ton of different sounds. We’ve ‘started potty training’ I use this loosely because all I have really done is put his toilet in the bathroom and set him on it a few times. But he is starting to sit on it on his own accord more and more which leads me to believe that we could actually remove the pants and maybe do something on the toilet.


I fall in love with this little guy more and more each day. 

So…. now onto my Monthly Goals….

December Goals!

-Go to the gym 3times a week and have active rest days
-Do a slim down between Christmas and New Years
-Eat as lean, clean and green as I can
-Complete 10minutes of stretching each night
-Read Ollie a story each night
-Work on product for Bitty Bees
-Blog once a week (thats right I said it, now to keep myself accountable)
-TIU check in daily (more on this later)
-Finish and submit Graduate School Application)
-Go into 2014 in a positive state of mind

I can do this!